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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 30, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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elderly man. police made an arrest. paul wagner is live at montgomery county police headquarters. what do you know. >> reporter: montgomery county police charged charles jackson of the district with the hold up in kensington. he just happens to be the same man who claims he was shot by four young men at 14th and upshire northwest a half hour after the hold up. police were suspicious from the start. >> on tuesday there was a gentleman at 14th and upshire suffering from a gunshot. he was interviewed initially and his story didn't quite make sense. they notified our detectives. we moved from there, gathered additional evidence and ended up filing for charges yesterday morning, early yesterday morning against mr. jackson. receive not confirmed that the gunshot wound in his right shoulder is as a result of the
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robbery. that piece of the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. two men entered this jewelry on howard and announced a hold up of the one of the men had a bb gun. the 76-year-old owner of the shop was having none of it. he immediately fought back grabbing a..38 caliber revolver out of a holster he keeps on a hook behind the counter. one round hit a glass case. the other hit its target, the man with the bb gun. kept coming. the two wrestled over the gun. the shopkeeper lost his grip and the bandit ran out. the two were last seen getting in a getaway car with a third man and they drove off. apparently dropping charles jackson off in the district where he claims he was shot. now, law enforcement sources say charles jackson just got out of prison. police say that they are still hoping to identify the other
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men. you may be wondering how did they connect the two cases. as you heard the officers say, they don't know if this bullet in this man's shoulder is the same bullet fired by the owner. the gun was taken so they can't compare the ballistics. what they did was able to identify mr. jackson as the shooter because a witness identified jackson as the assailant. he picked jackson out of a photo line up. a case of mistaken identity will send a maryland man to prison for murder. martinez witherspoon was sentenced to 32 years in prison for the stabbing death of stephen williams. in 2008 he thought williams had stolen his atv. turned out williams never did steal the atv. city leaders and educators in d.c. thought they had hashed
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out a new teacher contract. tonight the city's money man says there is no deal. the chief financial officer claims there isn't enough money. how did that happen? that's what city council members wanted to know. matt ackland is here with this one. >> reporter: city council members are not happy over this one. one council member called this embarrassing for the district and told those who were negotiating the deal to get it straight. it was a joyous day, a celebration that a teacher's contract had finally been worked out. this new deal would give teachers a raise after years of going without, retro pay and performance incentives. >> protected fund availability. >> reporter: in front of the council today, chief financial officer says he could now not sign off on a deal because there is a $28 million shortfall for 2010. >> is that your testimony this is not certifiable at this
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point? >> not as i sit today but. >> i don't want a but. where are we today. >> reporter: vince sent gray lead the criticism first for not catching the funding problem earlier. >> it's an embarrassment to the district of columbia it seems to me and frankly overshadowed what should be a celebratory moment with this contract. >> reporter: four hours into the session, then school chancellor michelle rhee faced the irritated council. >> i think that the confusion that has happened over the last couple of weeks has been unfortunate. we are trying to work our hardest to make sure that we can bring this to conclusion as soon as possible. >> reporter: meanwhile as city leaders tried to get to the bottom of this huge accounting problem, some of the teachers who were fired by rhee wore all black and sat behind her, all of them hopeful the council will force the chancellor to hire them back. >> i have the full support of students, parents and the
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community that i have worked with in the past. >> reporter: resaid she -- rhee said she has no plans to hire the teachers back. she said that is not in the best interest of the children. the issue is private funding. they hope to get 28 million of private donations, but because it could be pulled away if rhee was to leave the school system, that money was not allowed in the budget. there is still about $10 million out there that needs to be found but city leaders are hopeful that it will happen soon. >> all right. we will keep on top of it. two air force planes are preparing to head to the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. they will spray chemicals hoping to break up the slick on the louisiana shoreline. a month ago today president obama announced he was lifting a ban on oil drilling off the east coast. now there are growing calls for him to change his mind. tom fitzgerald has the edge on the push back. >> reporter: at the white house friday, president obama promising to dig deal in determining if the oil rigs in
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the gulf of mexico are safe. >> the department of interior announced they will send s.w.a.t. teams to the gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs. >> reporter: the worst environmental crisis comes at the worst time. march 31st, the president said he was lifting a ban on east coast drilling, a decision he is standing by. >> i continue to believe that domestic oil production is an important part of our overall strategy for energy security. >> reporter: the administration is facing tough questions over how quickly it has responded to the growing crisis. >> the trapped oil was consumed in about 28 minutes. b.p. continues to use chemical disbursements which along with natural dispersions of oil will a dress a large portion of the slick. >> this disaster has reopened a very old debate in our area over what allowing east coast
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oil drilling could do to the waters of virginia, maryland and d.c. oil rigs 60 miles off the coast of virginia and maryland would not be visible from the shore. but drilling critics say that does not eliminate the risk. >> all it takes is one catastrophe accident like this one to permanently foul beaches and permanently harm other interests on the coast. that is the risk all along. >> reporter: the oil industry, which has made headway in recent weeks on the issue of drilling admits it will face increased opposition because of the disaster. >> this does provide ammunition for those folks who don't believe in developing our domestic oil and natural gas resources. that would be a monumental mistake. >> reporter: before the political battles over the future of drilling can start in washington, the real battle raging in the gulf of mexico plays on.
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this afternoon, democratic senator ben carter of maryland took to the floor of the senator saying he is against the president's plan to open up offshore drilling. he said the chesapeake bay could be permanently damaged. virginia's senator jim webb said he still supports offshore drilling but wants increased requirements to make sure it is done safely. >> tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom. next on the "news edge at 6:00", after four days of deliberations, a jury reached a verdict in sarah palin's e-mail hacking case. was it more than a frank? 
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the strat at the of two
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girls found dead in her mother's freezer lead to a special recognition for a group of police detectives. maureen umeh is here to explain why they are being honored not for crime fighting but the kindness of their hearts. they gave the girls a proper burial. the bodies were found in a freezer in calvert county in their adopted mother's homes. prosecutors say they were beaten, starved and eventually killed by their mother renee boy man. they were going to be buried in a pauper's grave until detectives and some citizens came forward. >> we are all brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, husband, wives, not right. one of the colleagues brought it to my attention, here are these girls found in a freezer, stored for two years. at the end of this, they are right back in a freezer again. this is not right. >> the third daughter was found wondering on the street. that lead investigators to the discovery of the two girl's
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a college student has been convicted of hacking into former vice presidential candidate sarah palin's e-mail. he could spend up to 21 years in prison for obstructing an investigation and gaining unauthorized access to a computer. he was acquitted of the wire fraud charge and the jury couldn't agree on a charge of identity theft. sarah palin and her daughter testified at the trial. cornell's lawyer says it was a prank. a follow-up on a story you
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saw first on fox. all week we have been telling you about a maryland business called we buy cars. customers lost thousands of dollars. they say the laurel company wrote bad checks then locked its doors. beth parker has the story of a woman that got her money back and then some. >> we introduced to you this mom struggling to get by. she is one of many that told us their heart-breaking stories about money they lost in deals with we buy cars. the response from viewers was overwhelming, calls, e-mails, people wanting to help, even a few that wanted to pay for miss redding's car. >> reporter: her parking space is empty but her heart is full. she told her story on fox 5 news. she explained she sold her car to we buy cars in laurel to get money for food. the $800 check bounced leaving her unable to buy a birthday present for her 13-year-old daughter. >> told the story and i stood
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their crying. i thought i don't have a lot. i can give my time, my friendship. >> reporter: she went to the store, bought a birthday cake and took it to the home of a stranger. >> i was shocked. i was like -- my mouth dropped. >> reporter: she doesn't have a car and walked with a cane. she returned and drove her to her daughter's school for an assembly. >> she got awards for being on the honor roll, perfect attendance, audio visual. she got awards for that. took us to the doctor. >> reporter: how long have you been known this lady. >> one day. >> you can fill people's buckets being kind and helping them. when you fill their buckets, your buckets are filled. my bucket is filled. >> reporter: another woman came by with a hug and cash. whatever i had i wanted to share with her which wasn't much but i just wanted her to know that i cared. >> reporter: it would not be
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the only cash she would see today. she heard from a representative of we buy cars. >> okay. you wouldn't answer my phone calls the first time. now you come out. you are exposed. >> reporter: he gave her $1,000 cash. >> i wasn't excepting no checks, not from them. it had to be the cash. >> reporter: the man identified himself as an indiana contractor. >> did we buy cars send you here. >> i bring the lady the money that we owed her. >> reporter: we? >> they owe. >> reporter: when i kept asking questions, he got in his car and left. so, what does happen to other customers, people like sue choy out $14,000. >> not only did they help me but i hope they help all the other folks that they shorted and cheated on them. it's their responsibility as a citizen of the united states, god has smiled on me, all
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right. he smiles on me every day. i hope he smiles on them, too. >> now, we want to ask that very question. what happens to the rest of these people. we have reached out repeatedly to the owner of the company, alan artino. he tells us that he is working through the problems. the maryland motor vehicle administration is investigating. people have filed complaints with the maryland attorney general's office. we will keep you posted on what happens with that. >> i heard even a music legend helped out. >> i even got a call from the godfather of go go, chuck brown. he saw the story and wanted to help. when he say it, it took his heart. >> sound like a lot of people in the community reached out and one woman's story has thankfully got a good resolution. we will stay on top of it. we know you will. today is no phone zone day. cathy lanier is joining the effort to get drivers to hang up behind the wheel.
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oprah winfrey came up with the idea. she organized a rally to stop distracted driving at the museum today. the distracted driving law went into effect in 2004. it appears to be working. over the last two years, traffic fatalities are at their lowest in about 25 years. a lot of windows cracked, sun roofs open. >> it's summer season in d.c. it's also festival season. this weekend will be so nice i don't think anybody should cook. if that sound like what you would like to do, may i recommend the st. george festival, greek festival in bethesda. it's absolutely wonderful. not only will they have food, wine, wonderful desserts. they sent us a couple of trays. everybody is waiting for me to get back downstairs with the treats. they have dancing, jewelry, games. friday, saturday and sunday from noon until 10 at bradley
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boulevard. they have take out orders. you can fax in your order and get home cooked meals. today it's beautiful. warm. it will get more humid. that is the change up for the weekend. 83 at 6:00. our high temperature today a little bit above that. it will slowly fall but will it be a fantastic friday evening or what in the district. enjoy it. get to the greek festival as well. temperatures on the warm side. i want you to see what is coming. we have a huge bubble of warm air across much of the country but there is a strong front on the move. that will fire up some thunderstorms over the weekend. for the most part, we are going to have a nice warm weekend in the 80s. we have to let you know that this front will be on the map. there is a chance of some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and we may see them again on sunday. so, head's up for that. the kentucky derby is running this weekend, too. it may be one of the wettest in a long time. they have thunderstorms in the forecast at churchill downs at 6:26 saturday. so, yikes, hope the horses will
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be okay. reagan today, 83. dulles 85. bwi marshall 83 as well. you can see the temperatures around the region, real warm. we will stay that way. notice near the water it's cooler but lots of warm temperatures on the weather map. we will be back in the 80s tomorrow. look at our big change in temperature as we see the frontal system out to the west. that will be moving in our direction. the front will be a player over the weekend. it will do its part to send summer-like air and humidity. it will be noticeable. not oppressive but noticeable. meanwhile, you can see the line of thunderstorms heading in our direction. a few of those will be around tomorrow afternoon. they will be around sunday afternoon. can't rule out severe weather. it does not look like a repeat of last sunday. tonight, fair skies, temperatures will drop into 50s in the suburbs. 63 downtown. tomorrow a summer-like saturday in d.c. your first taste of
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humidity so far this season, isolated late-day storms. no washouts. how about 86 tomorrow. some places could come in warmer than that. at 8:00 in the morning, 68. by noon 81. 5:00 on our saturday 86. maybe an isolated storm to keep an eye on then. here is your five-day forecast. we are going for warm temperatures. we have to say that bev that chance of thunderstorms on sunday afternoon, late day thunderstorms. maybe they linger into monday but we are at monday. what a summer looking five-day this is. i feel like we jumped spring in d.c. and this is a summer-like pattern. normal is 71 so we are getting there. >> lasted five days. >> five days of spring into summer. then bring on the snow. >> we will be right back. keaith
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>> good evening, i'm lindsey murphy. less than 48 hours after the boot out of the play-offs, they had to face the music again. they met for the end of the
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year interviews and spoke to the media about their meltdown. it was a season that ended before its time. they were the best and highest scoring team in the nhl this season. none of that matters when they failed to get out of the first round of the play-offs. a somber group today talked -- talked about letting their fans down and every player thought they would be hoisting the stanley cup at the end of the year. coaching has been questioned. it's been a tough few days for the president's trophy's winners. >> i don't think anybody likes hearing anything negative about them no matter what line of work you are in. it's not fun. but, you know what i mean, the kind of work that i'm in, you will hear negative things. i have sigh said it all along that sometimes i pinch myself. >> he's a good coach.
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he is here for a long time. no need to raise those issues. he is not going anywhere. >> reporter: tomorrow evening at the mgm grand, floyd money mayweather and sugar shane mostly. floyd is 40-0 with 25 knockouts. he is recognized as one of the greatest fighters of his generation. mostly had a hall of fame career as well. if he wins tomorrow night, he has no desire to hang up his gloves as dave ross found out yesterday. >> let's say you do take care of floyd saturday, would you give a rematch to floyd or ride off in the sunset and say i've done everything there is to do? >> that would be hard to go to the sunset without fighting either one of those guys again. i will definitely probably see what is going on with floyd, if he wants a rematch or go to. [ inaudible ] either one.
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>> good fight tomorrow night. tiger woods has missed the cut at quill hallow. highlights tonight. one final note, the nationals begin a free game series in florida tonight. highlights at 11:00. >> thank you. back to sue palka with a last look at the forecast. >> isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. don't let it wreck your day. it's a hot one and we keep it going monday. now you have the news edge. we are back here at 10:00 and news edge at 11:00. have a fantastic night. hope to see you then. 
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